We are looking into the feasibility of solar panels at St Mary’s. As part of this we will start with a practical walk around at 09:00 on Saturday 3rd September. This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity which may be of interest to children and parents as well as parishioners keen to help with this exciting project! We will try and measure building dimensions, roof angles and orientation (if you happen to have a long tape measure or large protractor or a North locating compass then please bring them along – if not then don’t worry as we will have some we can share). We will talk about the solar angles from the position of the sun in the sky, consider what happens in different seasons and look at shading. This event is a local event during the Season of Creation. Look at some of the global events too here.

Can’t make the day? Get in contact using our contact form with your availability and we will try and organize a repeat in September or early October.

Keep an eye on this page for project updates!

If you are keen you are very welcome to start preparing…

Look at Google Maps to understand the position of the church buildings

Make a sketch of the buildings noting North and ready to write down the measurements on the day:

The side of the church looks like it is 7 degrees off North. The parish centre is around 18 degrees off North. The presbytery is around 22 degrees off North. What do you make them?

Many thanks.