Technical Reference Articles

Technical Reference Articles are those that go into depth on a topic. These may be of interest to those wanting to learn more before a visit from an installer, for example. Or they may be of educational value for students and people who are curious.


Heat Pumps


Case Studies

Case Studies have a look at a practical example to show how decision-making can improve the environmental impact. They might help us when we start to think about making changes to our lifestyles.

Consumption and use of resources

Personal journey to net zero for domestic energy use

Educational Resources

Educational Resources are activities designed to help children learn with age-appropriate content under adult or teacher supervision. They are largely STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused and are original material created for and are subject to copyright as per UK law. They are free to use and adapt for educational purposes provided derived material visibly acknowledges

Exploring energy use in cooking

Calculating energy use and cost for two approaches to domestic heating

An experiment into heat loss and insulation

Solar potential of a roof – STEM practical activity