Here we share what environmental initiative worked in our community (in our parish, in our school or in our shared building). What was it, how do we know it worked and any tips to help other communities try it too.

If you need inspiration, have a look at a list of ideas here. Many of these may be easily adapted for communities.

To share initiatives that worked on a personal, individual or family level, use the sister page here.

What was it?Laudato Si’ goal (if known)Measure of success?Tips to help
Starting a Live Simply groupCommunity Engagement and Participatory ActionActions are now happening in the parishTalk to the priest and try to promote it in your community newsletter
Organising a Pledge for the parishCommunity Engagement and Participatory ActionParish-wide participation. See the articleArrange this with your priest and try to get a minute to explain it to everyone before, during or after the service.
Regular drop-in sessionsCommunity Engagement and Participatory ActionNew ideas from new people. See updateA regular half-hour after Mass every week makes it visible and accessible
Children’s PresentationsEcological EducationMany children have come forward to present a Laudato Si’ topic they are passionate about (e.g. recycling or animals). Keep it short – 2 minutes. Slides can be a few photographs. Adults may wish to help with slides.
Environmental Rap eventCommunity Engagement and Participatory ActionLots of participation. See the articleUse a story or a presentation to start and someone needs to go first to encourage full participation and creativity.
Examples of Laudato Si’ initiatives that worked in a community

We will update this summary table to reflect your comments below. Read the comments for the full and latest feedback.

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Maybe we tried something and it didn’t really work? We can share that too: what was it, why it didn’t work so well and what you would change about it if others wanted to try it.

What was it?Why it didn’t work so well?How would you change it if you were to try again?Things to avoid (if relevant)
Trying to get a bike rack at the front of a churchExpensive and needs planning permission Talk to the local council and look for grantsTry not to spend much effort on it before engaging with the local council
Long event during tea and coffee after MassSome parishioners felt the long activity disturbed too much their opportunity to socialise and chatAnnounce the event and find another space to move to so that those that don’t want to be involved can continue with their teaAvoid taking more than a couple of minutes for the announcement or short presentation. Don’t start too early – give parishioners around 20 minutes to settle with their teas and coffees before starting.
Examples of Laudato Si’ initiatives that did not work in a community

Share your community experience of integral ecology in action

One thought on “What Worked? (Community) – Feedback

  1. Marina McDonagh says:

    Cycling is a great way to travel to church, particularly now with increasing fuel prices and a greener planet. It also falls in line with the UN sustainability development goals, particularly goal 3 for good health and well-being and goal 13, climate action.


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