Offshore Wind
Modern Wind Turbines (Offshore Wind). Photo Credit: Alicja Pyszka-Franceschini

It is really great to know that there are already many things we can do today to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Here we look at a number of existing technologies that are being built and used right now! Some of these can be done in our homes and some we can support by buying green electricity, for example. Here is our list. You will be able to learn more by clicking on the topics that are links.


Energy Efficient Appliances

LED light bulbs

Heat Pumps

Solar Panels

Electric Vehicles


Fuel Cells

Hybrid cars

Wind power


Some adults like to say these cost more. But with fuel prices on the rise, these technologies are really attractive – especially if we work out the cost over 10 to 20 years. Even better news is that the costs are reducing as we make more of them and the Government often has Grants to help.

Rooftop Solar Panels
Solar Panels are great for generating your own low-carbon power at home