Street Rubbish

We throw a lot away. Far too much. That waste is normally just dumped in huge pits and it is left to rot. When it rots it produces greenhouse gases. The best thing to do is throw less away and repair and re-use as much as possible. We can compost our food waste too. What can we do with the rest? We can recycle as much as possible. Currently we don’t recycle enough. We can certainly recycle more because we know how to do it. Then we’re left with waste which we can’t recycle easily and there’s still a lot of it. Some people are working on turning what’s left into fuel. Fuel that can replace fossil fuels for transport, such as jet fuel for aircraft. Other people think we can burn it and make electricity from it. This is already done in some places. It will be even better when we capture the greenhouse gases from this to make it as green as possible (see carbon capture in the future technologies section).

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Creating Compost
Creating compost is as easy as collecting our fruit and vegetable kitchen waste
Street Rubbish
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are key to dealing with our excessive waste
Decaying leaf