As part of parishioner engagement, St Mary’s have a drop-in session on most Sundays between the two morning Masses. This session is a time for parishioners to hear news about ongoing projects, ask questions and share experiences and ideas. In a time where climate change may seem either distant or unmanageable, we are here to listen, help and give hope. Check the parish newsletter for details. We address:

Living Laudato Si’

Following St Francis of Assisi

Care of Creation

Practical Faith-Based Environmental Actions

Collecting Ideas – Topics to Explore, Actions to Take

Address Questions – Help Clarify, Practical Suggestions, e.g. Energy Saving

Feedback – What works, What doesn’t, Where the Problems are

Motivate – What can we do?

We usually have a 2 minute presentation at the beginning of the drop-in session. This is about twenty minutes after tea and coffee starts to give people time to socialise as normal. Then we usually take no more than a couple of minutes of people’s time to kick-off the drop-in session. They can continue with their tea and coffee after that. This 2 minute window may be

  • a “news-flash” of what green initiatives are ongoing or in the planning stage locally or what is going on in the wider Laudato Si’ global community; or
  • a quote or prayer or explanation from the encyclical Laudato Si’; or
  • a presentation by a parishioner on something they are doing or are passionate about (the children are very keen to present and it is an opportunity to build confidence and presentation skills for the children too); or
  • something more participatory – we’ve recently had a creative session composing (and performing) an environmental rap (see here)

LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord