Plant A Tree – Read More

Lone tree in a field

Connect with nature. Feel the soil from which a seed will start its growth or touch a sapling that will become a mighty oak in years or even centuries to come. As we help the tree take root we are touching the future. A greener, brighter future. What will the world be like when this seed or sapling is a towering king of the area? Imagine. Breathe in. Be at one with the earth and with the future. Share your prayers, dreams and hopes.

How do we go about planting a tree? Where can we plant it so that it can be left to grow?

There is something very special about growing a tree from a seed. Which seed? Native species provide habitat for indigenous biodiversity and are preferred. Trees that eventually bear edible fruit or nuts can be a welcome addition to a garden or woodland. Rarer local varieties can help maintain a healthy genetic diversity.

For those of us who are busier, a range of saplings can be found at your local garden centre or ordered on line. Where possible try and plant a local species and consider the size of tree it will eventually become and whether that is appropriate for the location. Your garden centre may have some welcome advice here.

And there are local groups that get together to plant trees. Maybe you can reach out to them in your local area?

So how much carbon dioxide is absorbed by a tree? Read on to find out.