COP26 Petition

Reduce Climate Change Now

Please consider signing the Healthy Planet, Healthy People petition. Our leaders must have the courage to act now to limit climate change and protect nature. The science is clear: we are damaging our climate and destroying our biodiversity. Respond to the signs and take action! Practical steps right now!

“The climate crisis and biodiversity collapse are twin crises. A warming world is exacerbating the spiraling loss of blameless species. And further loss of nature will jeopardize our capacity to deliver on the 1.5 degree limit to global warming. We are hurtling towards a global catastrophe, one that looks to be irreversible for our common home, with tragic loss of life across all creation – unless we act now with great urgency.”

Give Earth A Voice Open Letter to our leaders for COP26, 2021

A direct link to the petition is here.

Stop Deforestation
If you are driving our countries then please pay attention to the signs