Plant Lots Of Trees – Read More

Do you want a practical action-oriented mission? Welcome to mission possible: planting lots of trees.

Planting many trees is a team challenge. There are a number of groups already formed you can join. And if you can’t find one in your area, maybe you can help set one up!

If you are new to tree planting, why not check out the Woodland Trust’s tree planting advice website (

In the UK the Forestry Commission is the body responsible for policy and stewardship of woodlands. It is a government department and it has recently created the Woodland Carbon Guarantee whereby unproductive land can be reforested to sequester carbon and raise an income for farmers from selling Woodland Carbon Units to interested parties who are looking to become carbon neutral. More about the scheme is on the Forestry Commission’s blog:

The official UK government website on the Woodland Carbon Fund is

There are a number of organisations that are coordinating forest and woodland planting. One of them is Forest Carbon

Here are some links for local groups: (

Afforestation, Reforestation and Biodiversity

Reforestation refers to returning previously forested areas back to woodland. Afforestation is much more controversial and refers to planting trees where they have never previously been. The type of reforestation is also important. Trees can be planted much closer together than is actually found in natural conditions. However, this reduces biodiversity making the forest into one large crop field and not much else.

What land needs to be forested to absorb my annual carbon dioxide emissions? Read on to find out.