Keeping our climate stable

Climate Change. We’re being asked to change. To change our habits. To change our energy. To change our behaviours. Leaders talk of change. Both political and business. Taken in excess change itself can also be unsettling, disturbing and somewhat scary. Especially when it is change just for the sake of change.

In the UK we have the ministerial position “Minister for Energy, Clean Growth and Climate Change”. And Climate Change is beginning to appear in the ministerial titles in a number of other countries.

But what if we viewed the problem from a different perspective? We don’t actually want climate change at all. In a sense we want the opposite. What we need is Climate Stability [1]. How would it feel if our focus was climate stability? One word. With different feelings. In some senses it underlines the urgency of our work. It puts into context the small decisions and minor modifications we need to make to our lifestyles. And I feel it emphasises the necessity of working together as a global family to address it. Climate Stability. That’s exactly what it’s about.

Climate Stability - Field View
Climate Stability - Field and Powerlines

[1] inspired by a recommendation from Charles Haddon-Cave QC in The Nimrod Review, 2009, p. 577.