September 2022 update:

The commercial car charging feasibility study is expected to be reviewed at a diocesan level. There is no feedback yet from our request to be included in the diocesan study. Commercial car charging could provide an income to the parish and require little or no upfront financial contribution.

A private car charging unit for the priest and staff is being investigated presently. If the presbytery goes ahead with solar panels then the preferred choice would be a diverter car charger. There are models which are compatible with on-site batteries and water heating diverters and one model which is made in the UK has been identified as a strong option due to local supply chain and performance. The final decision will balance value for money and investment return with ethical purchasing considerations in line with Catholic social teaching.

Project Background:

There is a desire to investigate the possibility of installing a car charging point or points in the church car park. At this stage we would like to understand the need so that we can look for appropriate car charging options.

Example Rapid Electric Car Charger

Do you use an electric vehicle or plan to use an electric vehicle in the near future?

If you use or plan to use an electric vehicle, would you consider using the parish charger?

If you do not have an electric vehicle, would the provision of a parish charger or chargers make it more likely that you would consider an electric vehicle?

How many chargers would you think is appropriate for the parish car park?

If a parish charger were available, would you use it?

Would you be more likely to use it if you knew that profits from the charger would be used for St Mary’s church?

Would the speed of charging be important to you? A 7kW charger could add up to 24 miles (38km) of range in one hour. A 43kW fast charger could add up to 150 miles (240km) range in one hour. Would 7kW or 43kW make a difference to the likelihood of you using it?

Would you be more likely to use it if you knew the electricity supplied was from low carbon electricity such as from solar power?

Please take some time to consider these questions and also if you have other suggestions or ideas for electric car charging provision then please let us know in the comments below.

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