July 2022 update:

Thank you for your interest in this plastic recycling scheme

This is for hard-to-recycle plastics that are not collected by Derby City Council’s Blue Bin scheme. See the poster on what can be recycled in Derby’s Blue Bin here.

St Mary’s Plastic Recycling Collection Point in the Parish Centre

Please respect the following rules

Please keep the boxes neat and tidy

Plastic for recycling should be clean and not dirty or soiled

If you are unable to sort your plastic rubbish please ask for help (see below for a table guide). Please do not mix plastics into the bins.

We do not recycle compostable or biodegradable plastics. Compostable plastics can go into the Derby City Council Brown Bin scheme (if they carry the seedling compostable logo). See the poster on what can go in the Derby Brown Bin here. Biodegradable plastics can go in the Black Bin (biodegradable plastics will break-down quickly in landfill).

Any issues or ideas? Use the contact pages with reference “St Mary’s Derby Plastic Recycling”. The St Mary’s team are looking for volunteers to help maintain the scheme with the local recycler. Financial contributions are welcome via St Mary’s Parish with reference “LiveSimply”. Giving details are on the parish website. BACS: sort code: 30 92 59 account: 00428642 (name St Mary’s Derby RCP NRCDT) and please put your surname and LIVESIMPLY as reference; or cheques to ‘St Mary’s Derby RCP NRCDT’ with same reference on back; or cash in the Rectory’s letterbox or box at the back of the church in envelope marked with “LiveSimply”.

Thank you

June 2022 update:

We are launching the plastics recycling collection this month. We are collecting the following plastics:

Coat HangersBlack or White plastic with plastic or metal hooks only
LDPE (#4)Labelled as “Recycle with Bags at larger Stores” or LDPE or recycle triangle with number 4
Soft PlasticsWashed and Dry but Not Biodegradable or Compostable. Plastic bags, bread bags, frozen food bags, plastic wrappers and film, plastic film yoghurt lids, pasta/rice plastic wrapping, bubble wrap, plastic wrap from paper/card, plastic wallets, all wet food pouches (washed and dried), all dry pet food flexible plastic packaging, all pet treat flexible plastic packaging and pouches, flexible plastic pouches for dishwasher tablets and equivalent flexible soft plastics.
Biscuit/Cake wrappersCrinkly plastic wrap used for biscuit, cracker and cake wrap. All brands including shiny silver ones and outer multipack wrappers.
Crisp PacketsCrisp, nut, popcorn, pretzel packets. All brands including outer multipack wrappers.
Plastic PensAll brands and conditions.
Plastic Cheese WrappersAny brand of individual plastic cheese wrappers. Any brand of sliced cheese protective film. Any brand of flexible cheese pouches. Plastic labels and plastic nets for mini cheese nets.
Plastic Sweet and Chocolate packagingPlastic wrappers from sweets and chocolates including inner and outer wrapping including multipack bags. Includes individual wrappers, pouch bags and shiny silver plastic types wrappers. All brands accepted.
Plastic Oral Care productsPlastic toothbrushes (not electric), toothpaste tubes, floss containers and their packaging

Project Background:

A large proportion of plastic packaging is not currently recycled by kerbside recycling schemes. However, some of this plastic that is generally thrown away can be recycled fairly easily. This project is looking into collection of some of these other plastics.

To start off we propose to collect plastic marked as “recycle with bags at larger stores”. This type is LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and marked on packaging with the triangle recycle symbol and the number 4. The idea is that once we have collected a full carrier bag of clean LDPE waste, a volunteer will take it to a large supermarket collection point.

Our main proposal is to look into recycling plastics that are marked as “not at kerbside” and where a scheme exists but requires effort (e.g. Terracycle). We are investigating collaborating with other local collection sites to start with.

We will keep you updated on the status of the project here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below or use the contact page on the website and quote “plastic recycling project” in the form. Many thanks.

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