COP26 – A thought

Grasses in the sky

It’s not often we get our top leaders to focus on climate change for two weeks. But are we really seeing the practical policy choices forming to make these pledges achievable? The view of professor Myles Allen (Professor of Geosystem Science and Director of the Oxford Net Zero Initiative) on the start of COP26 is that “[e]veryone is taking every opportunity to talk about anything except the main point, which is how we stop fossil fuels from causing global warming before the world stops using fossil fuels.” According to professor Myles Allen, there is a simple practical solution staring us in the face that would demand change from the oil and gas industry. “The answer is simple: we need to enforce safe and permanent disposal of carbon dioxide, as a licensing condition of selling fossil fuels, and stop fly-tipping it into the atmosphere…”.

Have a closer look at this idea in his TED talk here: