Rewilding a tiny lawn

In this blog we like to try things before we write about them. We were curious about the “rewilding” initiatives we hear about on the news and were encouraged by the “No Mow May” challenge, which we joined in with. So how did it go? Our tiny lawn became rather unexpectedly beautiful so “No Mow May” became “No Mow May and June”! You can see from the images that our lawn was made from many different plant species that were ordinarily cut back by the lawnmower. By not mowing we allowed them to flourish and this attracted a nice buzz of insect life too.

Why not give it a go? You can always mow a small portion of the lawn and you can also be creative with the design as you cut selectively! There’s much to delight so we’ll be keeping “No Mow May” in the diary for next year!